Friday, June 21, 2013

On God's Time

A dear friend recently shared a story with me. Years ago when Mother Teresa visited Denver, a friend of hers had been assigned to assist her during her visit. As they made their way through Stapleton Airport for her departure, she kept stopping to minister to passers-by. After a while, the man began to be concerned she would miss her flight. When he said something to her personal assistant, she placed her hand on his arm and replied, "She's on God's time." Of course, timing for everything worked out perfectly.

That story really impacted me, and since then I've been trying to remember Who is really in charge of my life and my time. Today has been such an example of that, I want to share it with you.

After leaving the girls off at VBS this morning, I went to Whole Foods to pick up a few items. As I was walking into the store, the fire alarm began to sound. I waited to see what would happen, and soon workers were evacuating the store. So I went back to my car and called my mother, thinking the alarm was probably false and the store would open again soon. It did, but I had a nice chat with mom.

As I was checking out, I felt my pocket -- no keys. I had left them in the car when I went back into the store. My hope that I had left the car unlocked was dashed when I got there. Larry works a good 45 minute drive from home, and that's where his keys were. I could walk home, but didn't have keys to get into the house. So I called him. He happened to be leaving the Golden area where our county seat is located after registering our new vehicle. To get to work, he would have to pass very nearby. "I'll be there in about 10 minutes."

I sat down in the nice atrium at Whole Foods delighting in my God who cares so much about me as to provide for my every need. When I pulled out my iPod Touch, I realized Whole Foods provided free wifi, enabling me to check e-mail and reply to someone on facebook. Soon Larry was driving up. I walked over to his car and he gave me the keys and said, "Can you do a couple favors for me? Could you get the car lubed today?"

"Sure," I said. "Do you have the rewards card?" He did and gave it to me.

"Also, can you cut my hair this evening?"

"No problem." And off he went to work.

Since I was across the street from Sally Beauty Supply, I decided to get a cape to use when cutting Larry's hair, something that has recently become a regular event for me. And while I was there, I should pick up a box of vinyl gloves for him (he uses them to treat his eczema). At checkout, I realized I didn't have my manicurist license with me, something that entitles me to a discount. But as it turns out, both items I bought were on sale (the gloves were more than 50% off!) so I saved a lot of money anyway!

Then I thought I should go ahead and get the car lubed while the girls were at VBS. As I drove in, there was no waiting! As they worked on the car, I got a cup of coffee from the place next door then waiting in the lobby. This gave me the chance to read a magazine I enjoy but don't subscribe to and rarely get to read. Just as I put it down, the man came in and said the car was ready. Getting onto the road from that establishment is often difficult with traffic, but when I pulled out, there wasn't a car in sight.

I came home, composed this story for you, and now it's just about time to go pick up the girls. Now, you can't tell me God wasn't orchestrating this today. His ways are so perfect and past finding out! Even though I didn't get to sit on the couch with Him as I had planned, I know He has been with me every moment, walking through the day, making my paths straight. It's so good to be on God's time!

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